"SHUT UP" He yelled as he threw his wine glass to other side of the dark desolate room.

"I CAN HEAR YOUR MOCKING SATIRE NOW WHY DO YOU NOT SHOW YOURSELF?!" He cried once again calling into darkness. His disgruntled, paranoid, and nervous self always had the better of him. He did this every single night without failure. In fact there was a pile of broken glass along the dimly lit wall across from him because of this habit. Every hour, on the hour, he would hear the noise. The fateful ding. It kept him locked in that room since he acquired the ghastly item. A simple clock he eyed in his neighbour's house. He first noticed the item when they moved into the apartment across the street. He would gaze at it through their window at night. Mesmerized by the strange device and its mechanics. He stared for days on end before he finally had an idea on how to move it into his possession. The pair who had moved in, he noticed had a very specific schedule. For instance; Monday's the female was out in between 7am- 5pm all the while the male brought another female to the apartment during the time his room mate was out, between 12pm-3pm. On Tuesday's they were both out of the building at 8am and came back at 6pm. So on so forth. He was able to witness all of this from his window via telescope and the fact they do not own curtains. But the pair's schedule was quite peculiar on Fridays. They would leave at 8 or 9am, and come back at the usual time of 5 or 6pm. But they were always gone within 2 hours again, and they did not come back until very early morning. Roughly between 3-4am. So it was that point after observing them for a month for their consistencies that he took action. 11pm, Friday, April 17th, 1934. He left his room and walked straight across the moon kissed street to the entrance of their building. Finding it locked he went around the building until his gaze met a fire escape in the alley to the building's side. He climbed and entered a hallway through the windowed entrance of the emergency exit. He found himself in a hallway he failed to recognize until he looked towards the street window. Where he would see the couple from his window many a night walk up the stairs to the floor above. Where their apartment was located. He thought quite highly of himself in these moments guilefully creeping up the stairs. Until he got to their floor, and stood in front of their door. He fiddled with the handle. It was left unlocked. He grinned with opportunity.

"Finally" he thought to himself "The mechanism is mine!"

He entered the apartment and immediately gazed upon the machine. Filled with joy he skipped across the room and snatched the machine. Then he heard the pair running up the stairs. The male inquiring to the female.

"Do you want me to go to the pharmacy while you lay in bed? I don't want you getting any worse."

They had come home so early. He was not prepared for something so random, and inconvenient. He quickly leaped into the nearest closet. He heard the two approach the door.

"Wait what in the hell? Why is the door open? Did you leave it open?"

The male questioned his female acquaintance.

"What no you were the last one out..." She answered

"I know I didn't what the... wait here." The male instructed her.

He felt and heard the footsteps enter the room. He could hear the male's breathing get heavier and quicker from his nerves failing him.

"Wait the clock where is it?" He heard him say under his breath.

The male approached the closet.

Then passed making a sweep of the apartment until he called out to the girl;

"I think someone came and stole our clock Hun. From now on make sure you lock the door. Next time who knows what could happen..."

She replied;

"Oh my god how would they get in the building? How in the hell oh god-" She was cut off by her breath becoming heavier and more agitated. The male ran to her aid and instructed her to go to bed immediately. In which she agreed. The male left her in bed and returned 10 minutes later. Meanwhile he was still in the closet in their entry room. He heard their snores and calmed breathing. They were asleep.

All of a sudden a certain peculiar rage started to boil inside him. They were idiotic he thought. "They knew they were robbed and didn't do enough even to check a closet a fucking closet." He angrily pondered. "They didn't even think to find the police. After being so stupid they deserve to be robbed the daft fools. To think that these two unintelligent scumbags. Have such nice things they don't deserve any of it. The fact they had this machine is horse feathers!" He angrily exited the closet and looked into their kitchen to see a knife left out on a cutting board.

"How curious? Almost as if placed there on purpose. I'd be losing my mind not to see this sign as what it is!" He thought epiphany sticken.

He grasped the knife with his right hand and his new clock with the other and entered the room of the pair. Sleeping side by side having no idea what was to come.

The power he felt was immense.

First, he silently slid the knife into the female's jugular. She tried to let out a scream but it was too late. By the time she noticed she was dying she had bled to death.

Blood now soaking her pillow and his knife. Slowly seeping into the sheets and spewing all over herself. He giggled from the power and the satisfaction of ridding the world of these two belligerents. Then he walked to the male's side.

He furiously punctured his chest over, and over, and over, and over again. The male tried to struggle but was in too much agony as he screamed and looked to his partner to see her already dead in their morbid blood stained bed.

He did not stop thrusting the knife even after the male stopped moving for good. He stood there for what seemed like hours. Until he was no longer piercing skin, and bone, but putting a deep dark red rip in the bed. Only then he left the apartment, and climbed down the fire escape. He crossed the street still lit by the pale full moon. He paused for a moment to admire the face of its beauty. Completely calm. Still clutching the knife. But more importantly the clock.

After gazing upon the familiar shape in the sky he finally entered the door to his building and climbed to the top floor and stepped into his room. Placed the clock on the mantle to his wood stove and sat across the room in his favourite chair. Then he heard it;