The Collection of Where Words

Ding - A short Story


Here I am standing out
Amidst a crowd you will not doubt
There you lay upon the floor
You could not hear the monster roar
Face down in a shallow pool
Covered in your own defecation, blood, and drool
You cough in pain feeling drowsy
In your mind this day must have turned exceptionally lousy
The air hasn't shifted buy my peers shake and quiver
I twitch in euphoria enchanted as I gaze upon your crimson river
The bell rings class has ended
But at this point all rules are bended
The comforting silence morphs to shrill scream
This disturbance shifts my stare to them I beam
Emptiness has already grasped you it is them that now I seek
A lurching step forwards is met with a creak
The door behind kicked open I have little time for a peek
The glimpse I am given is all I need
The sounds of horror drew the law to me
Furious and filled with hate I jump towards them this time met with a bang
I fall to the cold ground as my insides leak out I taste an unfamiliar metallic tang
I lose my grip and my eyes slowly flutter to a close
Now exhausted I give in to the growing doze
My last thoughts echo, and fade
I now sense death's growing shade
Nerves weakening by the second
All feeling ceases, my thoughts now growing impossible to recko-